The Vending Point welcomes you

…to the world of great coffee, delicious snacks and refreshments, Italian style coffee specialties in perfect quality, hot chocolate made with Swiss precision and many more…


Millions of people around the world agree with one thing: the best way to start the day is with a nice cup of coffee. No doubt that there are still bosses somewhere, who regard a coffee-and-snack break as a waste of time, but at the same time they invest money in employee motivation.

It is well known that caffeine can boost concentration, alertness and wellbeing. It is obvious that coffee goes even better when it is served alongside with a snack and/or a refreshment. It’s even more better when you can find all these things in your office, right next to you…The service is so quick and the quality so good, that lots of money and time can be saved, instead of being spent on expensive motivation programs.

The Vending Point provides many advantages:

  • At The Vending Point we provide coffee & vending equipment, as well as products to customers. As part of our services we provide customers with all equipment, selling devices, and installation, at no cost to you. You only have to pay for the products you decide to buy.
  • The vending option that we offer is that of providing you with a complete vending service. We provide  businesses and offices and other suitable locations with vending machines at minimal cost to you. We will also fill the vending machines on a daily or a weekly basis. These vending machines will have quality and branded products in them. They will definitely be popular with your employees and customers.
  • The other vending option that we have is that of providing office coffee services (OCS). We provide you with the quality coffee, cappuccino, hot chocolate, tea as well as other products.
  • Our commitment to servicing and refilling vending machines is something that has kept us on top. We concentrate on building relationships with our customers. We also make sure that your vending machine reflects the tastes of your employees and clientele. Unlike many other companies, we provide 24/7 customer support to ensure that your vending machines are always functioning.
  • Freedom of choice: When it comes to vending machines you decide which on the selection of products that will be delivered. When it comes to coffee machines you also choose the coffee brand, and the drinks menu. Another advantage is that our coffee machines can provide both espresso and instant coffee.
  • We provide our clients with vending equipment and refills. You just simply have to provide the location. Our work will be to keep our equipment stocked with fresh products and to provide you with convenient vending services. We are always there to consult you to make your business a success. Our team of experts are always ready to answer your querries.

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An excellent service delivered by professionals. I’ll recommended it with trust.

Carmen Niculae, Sales Manager – Centric InOne Romania